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Black lives matter written on letter boa
Stop racism. African american protester
Stop racism. African american protester
Stop racism. African american protester
Stop racism. African american protester

Now is the time to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s time to condemn racism in every form.

It’s time to cry out. Because we are broken. And we are broken because our nation is emaciated with injustices. We are

broken because generations of black and brown communities have been dying at the hands of institutionalized racism and

police brutality. This is not time for business as usual. This is the time to cry out. 

Because we all have a part to play in creating social change. 

Here and now, people across this country, and throughout our global community, are taking to the streets, taking a stand against injustice and systemic racism, violence, and oppression against Black, Indigenous, People of Color. Protesters are crying out and demanding change. Organizations are crying out - fighting for equality and accountability. From coast to coast, people are crying out. Because that’s what one does when in pain. A universal call to set forth a chain reaction of acknowledgement of ruptured emotions.


We are broken.

And it’s time for tork and tension.

It’s time to keep showing up.

It’s time to fully recognize white privilege.

It’s time to be an active ally.

It’s time to reverently acknowledge the countless injustices against People of Color.

It’s time to acknowledge the generational pain, trauma, grief, and fear brought on by oppressive, violent, racist systems.


Prejudice and power have snuffed out the light of People of Color. It’s time to cry out, and condemn racism in every form. It’s time to continue striving to listen, to learn, and do the right thing. Because there is no question, the violence and injustice against black people in this country must stop.


A friend recently shared with me a post from an unknown source that read:


"Some are posting on social media.

Some are protesting in the streets.

Some are donating silently.

Some are educating themselves.

Some are having tough conversations with friends and family.

A revolution has many lanes – be kind to yourself and to others who are traveling in the same direction.

Just keep your foot on the gas."


Keep your foot on the gas my friends. In the hours, days, weeks, months, and even years yet to come, we cannot let ourselves be derailed. 




To everyone fighting against racial injustice - continue to raise your voice.

Let it be heard.

Cry out.



Now is the time to raise public awareness. Now is the time to prioritize, organize, strategize, and mobilize. Now is the time to VOTE! 

Participating in pivotal local and national elections. 


Now is the time to cry out for the oppressed and marginalized. Now is the time to support the Black and Indigenous movement leaders, groups, and organizations who are pushing back against oppressive, violent, and racist systems. Now is the time to support organizations crying out against racism. Please consider joining in support of one of the following organizations working to advance racial and social justice:

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Black Lives Matter
Black United Fund 
Coalition of Communities of Color
MRG Foundation
PAALF (Portland African American Leadership Forum)
Urban League of Portland

Now is the time to continue our commitment as white allies, to listen…to learn. To amplify the messages of Black, Indigenous, People of Color, creating platforms for their thoughts and ideas to be heard in their own voice. Now is the time to speak out if you have an opportunity to educate and advocate for racial equality and social justice. Now is the time to cry out if you bear witness to injustice of any kind. 

So continue to raise your voice dear friends. Let your voice be heard.

Continue to take action, crying out from every city in this global community, from every platform you have available,

to condemn racism in every form.

Yours in Allyship and Solidarity,

Johnna Lee Wells

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