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Missoula Art Museum's 47th Annual Benefit Art Auction!

For yet another sensational year, Johnna Wells joined the Missoula Art Museum at the celebrated annual MAM Benefit Art Auction to champion for MAM's continued efforts to provide free expression and free admission for all!

Since it's inception, the Missoula Art Museum, located in Missoula, Montana, has been providing space for the creation of stories that move us, generating thought and dialogue through the representation of contemporary art in all its complexity and diversity.

This year's expertly curated live auction lineup featured works from celebrated and sought after artists, including, George Gogas, John Buck, Molly Murphy-Adams, Kaori Takamura, Monte Yellow Bird, and many more highly acclaimed artists.

With each purchase of artwork at MAM’s annual benefit art auction, support was generated for all of MAM’s core programs and exhibitions. MAM is proud to support more than 200 local, regional, and national artists through exhibitions each year and offers free educational programs to all schools throughout the Missoula, Montana region.

Johnna Wells and team is proud to to celebrate the diversity of the state & region through art, and champion for MAM's efforts to enhance exposure and access to even more children throughout Montana.

Thanks to the support of this incredibly generous community of donors and artists, MAM is able to reach and serve a diversity of kids and backgrounds through rural Montana, with expanded service to native peoples and continue to ensure free expression and free admission for all at MAM!

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